Michele's Perceptions of the Labyrinth
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Michele's Perceptions of the Labyrinth

So far, I've come up with the following:

Modern man builds churches made of brick or wood or stone to consecrate spaces, conduct ceremony, and make contact with Spirit. But nomadic/pagan peoples in olden times performed a ritual of "casting a circle" which consecrated any  space, indoors or out, for sacred activity.  This circle, they believed, cloaked the participants in a mantle of energetic protection during the altered states of awareness they attained during ritual or prayer, a time which they referred to as being "between worlds".

Similarly, I perceive my labyrinth as a highly charged outdoor space wherein the energy of the user/users gathers and builds quickly to serve a specific purpose.  Before groups use my labyrinth, I usually walk clockwise around its outer perimeter to "charge" the space for my guests.  In fact, I recommend anyone walk clockwise around any labyrinth they are about to enter, consecrating the space to your purpose, and notice the difference in its power.

3D labyrinthAs shown in this diagram, it seems to me that the energy springs forth as a SPHERE, with the labyrinth pattern being merely a CROSS-SECTION of that sphere, with a hole at the top of the dome, reaching into outer space.  Visitors have reported feeling they were entering a cathedral, with a domed roof and walls that actually protect them from the outside world. I have no doubt that the "sacred geometry" employed in creating the FLOOR PATTERNS of various ancient labyrinths helps focus just such energy, which swirls around and moves through you and bouys you, and which must be one of the reasons for reported changes in heart rate, elevated emotional and mental states, and a sense of transcendance.  Whatever its explanation, this energetic field has undeniably real effects.

After each use, I perceive that the sphere collapses and its energy completely dissipates, restoring the land, air and sky to neutrality and leaving it free to pick up and amplify the next user's energy and intention. 

I suspect that the floor pattern holds a certain amount of energy between uses, a certain "expectation of usefulness", a "place holder", an invitation that "the portal is here" to step into a transcendent event.  But otherwise our labyrinth, while responding willingly to and amplifying each user's intent, simultaneously honors the universal principle of NEUTRAILTY (i.e., non-judgment).  In other words, it has no religious point of view, no preference of what beliefs will be honored or purposes served, no sense of right or wrong.  It operates according to the clear and well defined natural law of INTENTIONALITY within a foci created by sacred geometry, and the invariable is that it serves as a PRISM, or as some people put it, a MIRROR into the soul of the user.  Somewhat analagous to a RADAR DISH, it focuses, amplifies and directs the users state of mind/body/soul back to the user's awareness, in a very powerful, emotional way.  Every walk produces a different result, for every user has a different level of awareness, every day a person is a little different, and other people who may be walking at the same time contribute to changing the experience.

Weather, company, time of day, and intentions being what they may be, SELF-AWARENESS is always the result, in my opinion.  The labyrinth shows you who you are.  It also demonstrates to me that WE ARE ONLY AS CUT OFF AND ALONE AS WE BELIEVE WE ARE.  Perhaps like no other place I've been, one can easily experience one's CONNECTIVITY to greater forces, however defined and by whatever name called, during and after visiting a labyrinth. Effects are cumulative.

Other labyrinths may operate differently. I don't know.  I have only walked 8 other labyrinths to date, each created by different individuals.  All were decidedly different and revealed the personalities of the builders, the users, and the space. Some felt "heavier" than others, yet all 8 worked to "reveal me to myself".

In short, I believe that INTENTIONALITY is the key factor surrounding the entire labyrinth experience.  A labyrinth reflects the intentions of its builders, tenders, and users.  Mine has brought magic into my life, but then . . . . . . . I believe in magic.  I always get presents, in the form of SIGNS, POINTERS, KEYS, MESSAGES, and GIFTS (see definitions below) and John and I have found our labyrinth to be so enriching that we recommend "a labyrinth in every yard"! 


Sign - Something you see, that unmistakably affirms you've been heard, helped, blessed, or are being divinely assisted.
Pointer - Tells you which direction to go in.
Key - Unlocks a door, reveals a mystery, opens your mind or heart to new awareness.
Message -Words you hear in your head, distinctly and clearly. Could be song lyrics, an unmistakable phrase you hear.
Gift - inspiration, new knowledge, joy, refreshment, renewal of belief, confirmation, etc. All of the above are gifts.


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