Michele Fry and John Nagle of Baton Rouge, Louisiana commemorated their 70' diameter grass labyrinth on New Years Night, 2000, and the site has been open to the public ever since. One of the largest in the country, it's easy to find, an hour's drive from Lafayette, New Orleans, and Mandeville, and only two hours from the Mississippi Gulf Coast region. Labyrinth construction services available.

Article by Michele Fry
(You can print this page out and bring it with you.)  

As you stand before this 70' grass labyrinth, imagine that the undulating footpath inscribed on the lawn is but the cross-section of a giant sphere of floating energy (see diagram).  Once you enter its walls you are “safe and protected”, in a place where you can allow yourself to "let go", where the rest of the world simply drops from view for awhile. I recommend that you remove your shoes and make direct contact with the grass during your walk.  This "connectivity" with nature will make a difference in your experience.

TO BEGIN: Stand under the archway in state of openness, trust and calm.  If you wish, turn to the east and bow to the Lady (statue in the alcove), then to the West and honor the children (fountain). Taking several deep breaths, set an intention for your walk.  Don't hurry.  Project your intention into the central rosette (fountain area), and imagine that when you arrive there, some gift of awareness will await you. 
        Enter at the opening. (If you have a flair for drama like I do,  "part the wall" as if it were a curtain of energy, and close it behind you.)  As you follow along the path, you will be repeatedly making 180o turns, meandering to and fro, left and right, towards and away from the center, in a rock-a-bye action whereby the conscious mind slowly becomes subdued.  “Inner knowing” becomes easier in this state.  You can help this process along by releasing any thought or idea you are processing. Empty your conscious mind, just for a little while, so the sub-conscious has a chance to reveal itself to you.
        When you finally enter the central rosette, (within the cone in the diagram), walk clockwise around it, visiting each petal of the rosette until you find one that feels right for you.  Remain there as long as you wish--sitting, standing, kneeling, journalling, meditating, humming.  If you're alone, you can sing at the top of your lungs, perform spontaneous ritual, release energy, but if others are present, try not to interfere with their experience.  Be respectful.

         When you are ready to leave the rosette, retrace your steps. On the way out, notice how you feel.
Anywhere along your journey it is appropriate to stop, sit, step aside so others may pass, retrace your steps, or even leave without completing the circuit.  If you lose your way, that's okay, too.  How you deal

with events that occur in the labyrinth help reveal you to yourself.  Whatever you experience in the labyrinth is a perfect reflection of your current reality and a valuable lesson is contained therein.  SELF-AWARENESS is one of the GIFTS most often picked up in a labyrinth.  There are also SIGNS, POINTERS, and KEYS. Something will surely be there for you. 
        When you exit the labyrinth, sit and rest a while.  This helps you to reflect on your experience, claim your gifts, offer thanks, and reintegrate yourself back into ordinary life.  Don't hurry.  Take as long as you need.

        Before departing, please take time to fill out a COMMENTS
form, provided in the jar. Return often. The effects are cumulative.  Bring a picnic.  Bring a friend.  Bring children (so long as you don't intend to meditate) and be sure to supervise them well.  Take out your trash.  AND, there are no bathroom facilities, so, uh, er, "go before you come, or go behind a tree in the woods!"

       One or more of our cats may choose to walk the labyrinth with you. There's Miss Muffet, Sebastian, Tippy Toes, Gray, Edsel, Rumpleteaser, and 'Tite Fille. You'll be able to tell who they are by their names. All are tame, friendly, experienced labyrinth walkers. Miss Muffet has even been on TV.
        The labyrinth is available 24 hours a day. No appointment is necessary. However you take your chances with the conditions, i.e., grass height, other people, lighting, etc., if you don't call.  John and I receive calls day and night so for best results, call ahead.  And be sure to make an appointment if you expect a facilitated walk, fresh-mown grass, night lighting, music, privacy, etc.

       Full Moon walks and rainy day walks are especially delightful and quite powerful!

The Labyrinth Tenders, Michele Fry and John Nagle
12380 Old Hammond Highway, Baton Rouge, LA, 70816 225-272-2454

       Dedicated January 1, 2000

Michele's note:  Sometimes I have felt like "dressing up" to go into the labyrinth, as though I were meeting Spirit for a date!  There was no hurry to walk in or out, take notes, or solve problems.  I sat in the center and "we" talked and gabbed about this and that.  Then we danced around and  giggled and laughed, and I felt safe enough to fling my heart up to the skies, as high and as wide as it goes, experiencing a sense of  belonging and acceptance like  I've never felt before.  I've had many such experiences  in my labyrinth, and without doubt, these were the most fun "dates" I've ever been on.   So sometimes, sheer enjoyment and celebration can be the purpose of a labyrinth walk.  There is no limit to its use.  Let imagination and desire be your guide.

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